Hypnosis to stay young

Everyone wants to stay young, but there are things in life that make us age more quickly. One of those things is stress. Stress causes you to age from the inside out where the elements cause you to age from the outside in. People spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products and makeup to cover the effects of aging but do little or nothing to stop aging from the inside. Most of the reason there was little one could do, but that was until now.

Our bodies generate hormones and neurochemicals all day long. Some of them promote rapid aging, while others do not. When we encounter stress we simply open the valve and let the hormones and neurochemicals that age us run wild. A point in note, Presidents of the United States age at a rate of 2 to 1. For every day in office they age 2. There have been several articles on this phenomenon. The same is no doubt true across the board.

So if there was some way to control the flow of those aging hormones and neurochemicals, the logical conclusion is you would age more slowly. Those hormones and neurochemicals are like acid eating away at you from the inside out. So stop the acid and you stop the aging. it is simply understanding body science and applying it with hypnosis.

Even what would be viewed as normal levels of stress promotes accelerated aging. So the goal is to lower stress across the board whether it be normal or elevated.

So the approach is very simple in concept, but getting it done requires a program specifically designed for that. Stress management can be taught by a trained counselor, but changing how you perceive stressful elements requires hypnosis.

Think of it this way. Hypnosis is the best way to deal with a phobia by altering how it is perceive on a subconscious level. That phobia can cause the same aging hormones and neurochemicals to occur. So simply using a similar method to change the perception of stressful elements in peoples lives on a subconscious level, and the amount of aging hormones and neurochemicals is reduced or stopped all together. It is really that simple. It is not magical or mystical, it is simply understanding body science and applying it with hypnosis.

Only hypnosis can tap into the subconscious mind, counseling or other methods are a cognitive approach. You can manage stress with counseling but is still lets the hormones and neurochemicals flow. Only hypnosis can change your perception on a subconscious level.

So now I provide a stress management program specifically tailored to turn down or turn off those hormones and neurochemicals that make you old fast. When that happens you simply will age at a slower rate. The program consists of about 6 to 7 base sessions to teach you stress management methods that are directly tied to those hormones and neurochemicals. Then for lack of a better term they are activated with hypnotic suggestions. The program is well rounded and also covers personal habits like procrastination that elevate stress. All the parts of this focused therapy are taken from proven methods of other therapies.

Please note that this is not a novelty, this is actual therapy designed to reduce hormones and neurochemicals that increase your rate of aging by changing how you react to stress.

Then you will be set up on a maintenance program starting at 1 visit every 3 months slowly moving you out to 1 visit every 6 months. This is to insure the best results are being achieved and maintained. Changes in lifestyle and fine tuning are also part of the maintenance to further slow aging.

If you wish to take it a step further and root out all the stress in your life, then that can be done too. That would require more than the 6 to 7 base sessions, and that could also be spread out over time to be kinder to your wallet as that in itself can be stressful. As everyone would be different it is impossible to say how many sessions would be needed.

Other elective parts of this program like managing hypertension and anger management are available, so you can effectively reduce the undesirable premature aging outcome from them as well.

Once you are in the program you will discover that your life is so much better. Things that stressed you out before simply do not bother you nearly as much. When that happens everything changes from improvements in you sex life right on down the line. Virtually everyone can benefit from this therapy to manage stress or simply manage it better.

It all starts with simply contacting me to set up your appointments.

 please contact  me for your free Confidential phone consultation.

Too far away? Consider using Skype for this form of hypnosis.


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