Fixing the seven year itch

The seven year itch is the name given for a relationship that has seemingly become bland one way or another. The sexual aspect of a relationship is usually the first to experience it where that once gourmet meal has become as exciting and creative as hospital food. There are some that could make a fair argument that we are preprogrammed for this by nature to help diversify the human gene pool and there is not much that can be done about it. On the other hand there are relationships that prosper until the very end of life to counter that argument.

Sometimes a hasty hormone driven decision to enter into a faulty relationship can be named as the cause, but identifying that turns up long before seven years. In those cases as long as there are no children, it is most probably best to end that particular relationship to let each other have a second chance at making the right choice.

Other factors simply could be hectic lifestyles that allow little time for the re-bonding that is necessary to keep a relationship healthy and exciting. Sometimes that is driven by financial necessity, but also the mismanagement of priorities can contribute where relationship maintenance is not a high priority.

Regardless of how the seven year itch came to be there are ways to fix it, and that should be given serious consideration if there are children involved. Some of the ways can involve just undoing some of the mistakes and setting aside more time for each other. Sometimes just changing the same old everyday experiences to be new ones can help.

Unfortunately once the subconscious mind becomes programmed to expect a negative or neutral experience in the relationship it becomes difficult to change without professional help. The only professionals that deal in the realm of the subconscious are Hypnotherapists and in this case ones that deal in relationships and sexual issues are the best ones. They can change that expected neutral or negative experience to be positive and anticipated.

The method involves identifying several factors in the relationship. The need to be completely open about every aspect of the relationship is essential to the success of the therapy. The information that is usually necessary ranges from sexual preferences and fantasies, to annoying habits that have just worn a little too thin. Once the Hypnotherapist has all this information they can create a model of the problem to evaluate. From there the process of re-framing begins on the subconscious level. That can be best described as looking for the silver lining in a dark cloud and putting huge emphases on it.

As the therapy continues over several weeks more positive anticipations are restored from the early days of the relationship as well as adding in a little octane boost to make it even better than the first time. The desire to pull regular maintenance on the relationship and give it a high priority is also suggested to the subconscious. Negatives and bad habits can be painted over or removed depending on what each person wants. Once all of this is done it does not take much to see the relationship will have been restored to health.

If you or your partner feel you are a good candidate for this please click here.

Too far away? Consider using Skype for this form of hypnotherapy.


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