Business Services with Hypnotherapy

Business applications for Hypnosis have a wide range of uses.

Example #1: Your business has several employees in sales, however they seem to lack the motivation to break ahead of your competitors. Self motivation with Hypnosis may be what you need.

Example #2: Your business does research, and the employees doing the research need extra clarity of thought to develop the cutting edge products before your competitors. Performance Enhancement  would be the best therapy.

Example #3: You have a high burnout rate of key employees, and bringing new people up to speed takes too long. Teaching them how to manage stress with Hypnosis would be the choice.

Example #4: Your sports team has the ability but lacks the focus, or you just want the edge in the game. Sports Hypnosis is the choice.

Example #5: Did you ever calculate how much time is lost due to employees smoking? If you don't have structured breaks for smokers you could easily be loosing 20 to 30 minutes every day per employee of productive time. Not to mention what it may do to your insurance. Ask about what I can offer to help your down time go away by helping your employees kick the habit.

Example #6:  (your idea)..........

Did you ever consider using hypnosis in advertising? Click here to find out what it can do.

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