Controlling Hypertension with Hypnotherapy

Hypertension otherwise know as High Blood Pressure is a major health risk. There are no real symptoms other than perhaps the occasional blood shot eye. Left unchecked it can lead to failure of organs and eventually death. Many men are hesitant to take medications because they can lead to eretile dysfunction. It comes down to a choice "Having sex or take the medications." Some men actually play a form of roulette by not taking their medications when they want to have sex, and then go back on. By doing that some men actually die when having sex. For men on Hypertension medication this therapy is a very big part of helping to deal with sexual issues. Hypertension has several causes. Some are caused by blockages that require surgery or other invasive medical procedures. For that type Hypnotherapy will not work. For all others Hypnotherapy is very effective. The range of results is from 8 to 42 points dropped, with the most being in the 22 to 30 point range. The results may be significant enough to end the need for medications. However the decision to modify your medications is between you and your Doctor. The Hypnotherapy focuses on learning to really relax, learning to deal with stress & anxiety, learning to make better and healthy choices in life and not feel like you are giving up something. The therapy is 7 session and does not require a Doctors referral (Unless your Hypertension is related to pain), however 3 way communication between you, your Doctor, and me is. This is because the need to modify down you medication dosages will require their supervision plus if anything else comes up. I have heard people tell me "I know how to relax, why do you need to show me?" Well perhaps this is true, but most people what they call relaxed is the tension knot in their neck is not too active. If when you wake up in the morning and you notice that for a few seconds before reality sets in you feel very relaxed, and then all of a sudden it was like someone just started pumping low voltage electricity in your bed and your muscles just start to tense up. Now think about how much more difficult it is to pump blood through tight and tense muscles, verses relaxed muscles. Well I would imagine there is about 10 or 15 points right there. Then you are off to work and the stress that is there. You will learn how to deflect stress and not absorb it. This is just some of what is involved in the therapy. It's your life, and you can choose to live it healthy or not. This is just one of the several options you have to better enjoy your life.

During a trip I took to Isaan (northeast Thailand) in April 2005, I went to a small village about 10 miles from the Lao border. I had the opportunity to check the blood pressure of about 25 of the locals. The age range was mostly 47 and up into the high 70's. the people I checked work as farmers. Farmers are amongst the poorest of the poor in Thailand. I was expecting to see readings 128/85 and up, but I had to double check my readings as they were all so low. I found 110/67 was the average reading with only one person slightly above the 130/90 threshold, and one in the 160/95 range. The lowest was 95/58. None of the people I checked were on any type of medication. The life style in Isaan is very laid back and very much in contact with nature. Isaan has very few of what we would see as necessities of life. Bathing consists of scooping cold water in a small bowl and pouring it over yourself. Much of their idle time was spent on hobbies like tending to their prize fighting birds, and some hand crafts. This to my surprise reflected just how much the inherent stress of the modern lifestyle changes our health. As a significant part of hypnotherapy for hypertension focuses on stress management and learning how to truly relax, it truly shows what the possible outcomes could be.
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