Enhance your Sex life with Hypnosis
Therapy or novelty? You decide.

Sexual enhancement is just what it sounds like, making your sex life better. People often forget our primary sex organ is between our ears and not between our legs. Sexual enhancement with Hypnosis seemed to be one of those things that just happened because it was requested. For many people that have seen me this may have been part of relationship enhancement if sex was part of the problem with the relationship.

This all started with a word of mouth phone call that went something like this.  I got your name from a friend of a friend who came to see you about some problems with his relationship. He said that now he is having the best sex of his life. Can you do the same for me”?

Well I thought about it for a few minutes while I was continuing to talk to her. I was weighing in my mind if this was in fact a novelty for her because she only wanted to make her sex life better. Or was there some other underlying reasons she wasn't telling me. She had no real issues with her relationship, in fact it was great by her own words. She just wanted to take it to a new level of enjoyment. Eventually I concluded that there are good reasons to do this and make it available to others.
They are:

* Many people use recreational drugs to enhance their sexual encounters. Recreational drugs have a way of eating your brain, eating you bank account, and eating your life.

* Some people need to have a few drinks before they can get in the mood.

* Still others seem to take forever to get in the mood and that results in less enjoyable sex if your partner is ready way before you are. (This is particularly true for some women).

Hypnosis could easily enhance sexual encounters without any of the negatives. That in my thinking could possibly help people stop drug abuse when they discover that they can do the same or even better with Hypnosis. (Keep in mind that any drug you take that effects how you feel only mimics what hypnosis does naturally). So in a way this is a novelty for some, and part of therapy for others.

Personally I view sex as one of the few enjoyable things nature has given us. If it can be made more enjoyable in any natural way then I see no reason not to do it. As Hypnosis occurs naturally to people daily, I see no reason not to help people learn to tap into this wonderful natural resource. Sexual enhancement work equally well for both men and women. I don't advise this for people who have a sexual addiction, but only for people who want to make their sex life better. So far about 90% of the people who have come to me were by word of mouth referrals, The rest from other sources.

What is the same and what is different from relationship enhancement therapy.

Relationship therapy the sexual enhancement is only experienced with your partner. Sex with another is unchanged or made less enjoyable.
Sexual enhancement the effect is with any sex partner. This makes it good  for someone who is single.

Relationship therapy your libido is adjusted to be more in tune with your partners.
Sexual enhancement your libido is adjusted up or down or unchanged at your request.

Typically what people have reported are:

* Orgasms that are much more intense and much longer lasting.

* Their whole body becomes much more sensitive and adds to the experience. Not only the usual places.

* More orgasms.

* The ability to have better control of orgasms.

* Faster sexual arousal.

Stress and anxiety have negative effects on sex, If you have ether I will recommend we deal with that first. Even smoking can do a lot more damage to sex than most know. (You need to get the sand out of your shoes before you can run) If you are interested in enhancing your sexual experiences, please
contact me for your free confidential phone consultation.

Too far away? Consider using Skype for this form of hypnosis.

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