Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a problem men as well as women fear. Often the fear can lead to greater dysfunction. Simply by worrying about it makes it worse. The trick is to figure out how much is in the mind, and how much is in the body. If it is all in your mind then Hypnotherapy should make a 100% improvement. If it is 50% in your mind then you can expect about a 50% improvement and so on.

Often the problem is stress related, or related to self esteem. It could even be another issue that you did not even think about. Even smoking is a major contributing factor. Smoking clogs your arteries and can lead to erectile dysfunctionSmoking even clogs the arteries to the prostate and the equivalent organs in a woman. When that happens the intensity of orgasm is reduced over time for both men and women. When that happens the quality of sex is reduced too. It could be something someone said to you that just did not sit right, and was eating away at you. There is no shame in seeking Hypnotherapy for this or anything else. Simply you are asking yourself for help. Hypnotherapy helps you find help in places you normally can't get at.  If you think about it, you get more outside help from little pills than you do from Hypnotherapy. As for myself, I would feel better inside knowing that outside help from a pill is not necessary. Plus in the long run less expensive too.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I am simply a guide to help you find the answers you already have. Think of it like this: You live in a big mansion with hundreds of rooms. But you only have keys for a few doors. You have the need to find a ladder to do some work. But that ladder is in some room that you don't have the key for. On top of that, you are not even sure what room it may be in. However I have a master key that will fit all the doors. So we go searching until we find it. After we find it I simply leave that door unlocked for you. All you need is the desire to help yourself.


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