Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction can be harmful to you, your relationship with others, and possibly your employment.

Self Harm: Being over active sexually tends to increase the risk of contracting STD's if you have no regular partner.

Relationship: If your libido is not close to your partners, it could destroy your relationship.

Employment: Particularly in the USA, your body language, comments, and other actions could be viewed as sexual harassment.

Sexual addiction does not imply that you are immoral, it's simply a addiction like any other. Some people are addicted to chocolate because they find it enjoyable, others find that having the latest and greatest whatever is their addiction.

The therapy takes a close look at what drives you on. Once the issues are discovered the therapy focuses on modifying your habit. It is simple, confidential, and most of all as effective as you want it to be. Because each person has different reasons that lead to sexual addiction, listing them all is impossible. If you feel you have a sexual addiction and you wish to discuss it, phone consultation is free and confidential.

Too far away? Consider using Skype for this form of hypnotherapy.

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