Self hypnosis



When people consider hypnosis to help themselves they first may consider using self hypnosis. Each person has their own reason for making this selection and not seek the help of a hypnotherapist. In some cases the extent of what self hypnosis can do or not do is unknown to the person seeking help.

Self hypnosis is a powerful self help tool but it does have itís limitations. There a some factors to think about to help you decide what is the best choice between self hypnosis and hypnotherapy or combination of both.

The first factor is understanding how complex the suggestion must be. If the suggestion is simple and can be said in 3 or 4 breaths then self hypnosis would be a good first choice. The reason for this is you must first place yourself in a state of hypnosis. Essentially dimming the light in your conscious mind for a while and turning up the light in your subconscious mind. A better way to think of it is like a mixing board for a DJ in a Disco. He has a left right mixing slider that he moves when mixing songs. There is only 100% available and it is split between the 2 sources of music. So lets assume the left source is conscious and the right source is subconscious. For a person to do self hypnosis the mixing slider must be as far to the right as possible. The further to the right the mixing slider is the better the results. As often self hypnosis suggestions are committed to memory, there is not a lot of conscious thought behind them. The longer the suggestions are the more the person needs to draw from the conscious mind and thus moves the mixing slider to the left.

During hypnotherapy there is no need to commit things to memory so the mixing slider can be all the way to the right. The hypnotherapist could read "Gone with the wind" and it would make no difference.

The next consideration is knowing what you are doing. Often people seek some form of counseling or therapy because they do not have the answers or ideas they need. Simply they do not know what to do and they need some good ideas and help from a person who does know. The counselor or therapist has a lot of experience and a variety of resources to draw from to help the person in need. If you do not know what to do then you are not ready for self hypnosis yet because you do not know what suggestions to give yourself. In this case seeing a hypnotherapist first would be the best choice and they can help you with creating your self hypnosis suggestions for maintenance if maintenance is needed.

The next consideration is how complex the problem is and how much self hypnosis is right. If the problem is complex then simply the suggestions will also need to be fairly complex. That brings us back to the length of the suggestion and the need to be in a suggestive state with the mixing slide on the right. In this case getting the problem down to a manageable size would be the first choice. The best method would be counseling or therapy first. If the problem is simple then self hypnosis would be the best first choice. If the problem is complex, then letting the hypnotherapist at them with "Gone with the wind" is best. Remember you donít need to commit to memory what a hypnotherapist says. The hypnotherapist will observe your body language reactions and make adjustments as needed to better explain to your subconscious what it needs to know and hear. That is a significant advantage over self hypnosis because you may encounter a block that you may not be able to get around. A hypnotherapist reads your body language because body language is direct feedback and communication from your subconscious. This significantly reduces the time before results are seen. The hypnotherapist sets up the prerequisites for you and after that you can continue reinforcing your suggestions with self hypnosis.

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