Hypnosis and Schizophrenia

The effectiveness of hypnosis on Schizophrenia depends on one particular factor. That factor may only be determined with an examination of the brain to check for physical damage. That is usually performed in a hospital setting and must be ordered by a doctor. If there is physical damage to the brain then simply hypnosis will not work. Damage to the brain may result from recreational drug usage or simply be naturally occurring. If that is the case then a lifetime regiment of medication is needed to compensate for the damage.

If there is no physical brain damage then the Schizophrenia is more like a phobia and can be successfully treated with clinical hypnotherapy, however the duration of the therapy is longer than most. The reason is the schizophrenic reaction is more like a blanket and covers several aspects of a persons life. Each particular issue must be addressed and that simply takes time. In the case of a phobia, in most cases it usually involves a single issue like fear of flying of fear of spiders.

If you or you know someone who is experiencing symptoms of Schizophrenia Please Contact me for your free confidential phone consultation to discuss this therapy option.

Too far away? Consider using Skype for this form of hypnosis.

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