The sexual element of relationships
Okay so you wanted to find out more, and here you are. Your not sure or not if all of this is for real. Well first let me say that it's for real. And it can get just as hot, and steamy as you want it. This therapy is personalized for you. Some of my colleagues market CD’s that achieve similar results. The big difference is here it's personalized, and not one size fits all. And because it's personalized the results are more intense. And it's not just about sex. The benefits go far beyond that, but it's a good starting place!  Just use you imagination on this. For starters think back to your most exciting sexual experience. All the anticipation leading up to that. Think about all what was going on in your head. How would you like it to be like that every time! Better yet how would you like it to be twice,  triple, or up to 20 times better. Just the thought of that I am sure has started your launch cycle. Imagine all the other things that will happen at the same time. Your body will become more sensitive to sexual arousal. The level of arousal will be much higher than before.

For women, orgasms will be stronger and more frequent. In short your sexual response will be enhanced. The deep feeling of love for your partner will naturally be even deeper. This is because of all the intense pleasure never before experienced. You and your partner will become so tuned to each other that even a simple kiss becomes erotic. With all of this wonderful sexual erotic stuff going on at your house, why look some place else. Hence the name Relationship Enhancement. When your love life is good, all the other little things that go wrong with relationships don't look half as bad. You are naturally drawn to each other for support when times are tough. Your trust in each other grows, along with your love. This is because the therapy is focused on your partner. Only with your partner, will the heightened experiences be felt. Should another lover attempt to come between you, the experiences with that lover will seem as bland as
water. Especially after the height of pleasure you've experienced.   

For men, erections will be stronger, and better control of orgasms. Your level of arousal will be heightened. The mind is very powerful. In fact it is more powerful than any drug known to man. The word Viagra has become part of our vocabulary as sexual dysfunction is no longer a back room secret.  Imagine now tapping the resources of your mind, and having the Viagra effect with no side effects. No limits as to how often you could use it. Some of the more pleasant side effects can be achieving multiple orgasms regularly. All of this causes you to naturally become more self confident during times of intimacy. Remember back in school when without warning, and without any control things popped up. You probably remember the incident, or should I say incidences. Hoping the teacher wouldn't call on you to answer a question, or even worse stand in front of the class. What ever set off those erections is still in your brain some place. You may not remember now what it was. Perhaps it was just a glance from someone you found attractive. Now imagine the same results from your partner. Just a sexy look, or kiss and up.. up.. and away! (I think in this case, borrowing Superman's catch phrase is okay) Soon you will notice the romance getting better. And with that, naturally your stress level goes down too. Just the anticipation of what is waiting for you when you get home makes you excited. Again as with the woman the effects are focused on your partner. Should another lover attempt to come between you, the experiences with that lover will seem as bland as water. Especially after the height of pleasure you've experienced.

Relationship Enhancement Therapy promotes monogamous relationships. If you have children, they will benefit most in life from having both mother and father at home to guide them. Not to mention your risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases is greatly reduced with one lover. All the emotions you will experience are real.  Love, passion, companionship, security, excitement, confidence, happiness. They have always been there, just now they they will be all enhanced. So when you go to work with a smile on your face everyday, people will have something to gossip about. (Disclaimer: I can't be responsible for you always being late for work.)

As with all my clients, strict confidentiality applies. Your intimate secrets and desires need not be disclosed, unless you want some particular enhancement. In example if I asked you to think about what you had to eat at your last meal, you would see it in your mind and perhaps taste it. Unless you told me what it was, I would not know. That is how your intimate secrets stay secret. Some basic information is required to personalize the therapy. After that information you provide is voluntary. As part of the therapy, I will provide you with a personalized CD based on your particular Therapy. The CD will continue the therapy, and even further heighten the enhancements for as long as you like.  

Now I am sure you may be asking yourself, can this therapy be used for sexual dysfunction in general. The answer is yes, but there are more specific therapies for that. Understanding the brain is the primary sex organ and sexual dysfunction may have one or more causes. As an example for men: One or more times you failed to have an erection at the time you needed it, and then the next time you found yourself thinking about it happening again. Just worrying about that can cause dysfunction. Your self confidence was questioned. Simply by restoring your confidence with Hypnosis, the desired results can be achieved. Your mind is much more powerful than Viagra will ever be. Another method is stimulate your brain with Hypnosis to heighten sexual arousal. In general it is similar to Relationship Enhancement. One of the differences is you arousal can be directed at anybody you choose, and not specifically your partner. This is good for both men and woman who find it difficult to achieve full arousal. Going a step further, it is important to identify the cause of the lack of arousal. It could be stress from something else. If that was the case. dealing with the stress would be preferred. Then the desired arousal should happen on it's own. The wonderful thing about seeing me is, the Hypnotherapy you choose will be personalized for you. That is one of the nice things about Hypnosis, your specific desires are achievable and can easily be limited to only what you want. There are many more therapies similar to this. If you can Identify a problem, or just want to make something better in your love life, feel free to contact me. 100% confidentiality is part of the therapy. Your partner need not know unless you tell them. Dealing with sexual issues is not something to be embarrassed about. So enjoy your life to the fullest. Feel free to contact me for your free confidential  phone consultation. Only the limits of your imagination limits the possibilities.

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