Enhance your Relationship with Hypnotherapy

Note this is therapy and not counseling

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Relationship Enhancement with Hypnotherapy is a specialty rarely performed by Hypnotherapists.
It is my estimate that less than 50 Hypnotherapists do this in the United States. During my studies I found source material difficult to come by on this therapy. I suspect that this is why so few Hypnotherapists actually provide this therapy. When I attended the National Guild of Hypnotist's convention in August 2002, finding material there was even difficult. Even with about 5000 Hypnotist's from around the world  in attendance, Hypnotherapists who do relationship enhancement were hard to find.

Note: 80% of the people that seek my help with relationships have said that lack of quality and exciting sex is the major problem.

Fixing the seven year itch

QUESTION: What is Relationship Enhancement?
ANSWER: What it is in short, it puts the fire back in your love life.

QUESTION: How does it do that?
ANSWER: We remember everything we did in our life from about the age of two. All the sensations, the smells, the flavors of foods, the experiences, emotions both good and bad. They are all in your head some place. Recalling the memories, emotions are part of it.

QUESTION: What does the person experience who has had Relationship Enhancement Hypnotherapy?
ANSWER: It depends on what he or she wanted to begin with. The desired result is in most people is putting a fire back in their sex life. For others it is restoring the romance, the 24-7 thinking about their partner. The added bonus is I make the experience more intense and enjoyable than the first time.

QUESTION: How do you do that?
ANSWER: We use only about 5% of or brain. the other 95% is mostly unused. With Hypnosis, tapping that vast resource is possible. So imagine a experience sexual or other up to 20 times more intense than normal. The emotional attachment to you partner is also strengthened. With all this going on a monogamous relationship is reinforced. All the positive emotions experienced about your partner are very real, and very intense.

QUESTION: Who is a good candidate for this?
ANSWER: The best person for this is someone who does not want to throw away a long relationship. If the only problem is being bored with your partner then you are the ideal person.

QUESTION: Is this the only candidate type for this?
ANSWER: No, but they do have the best results. People who have other problems like money, or some additional issue other than boredom do benefit, but it does nothing to resolve the other issues.

QUESTION: I am interested in this, but I don't feel comfortable talking about my private sex life. What can I do?
ANSWER: Believe it or not I don't need to know the particulars of your sex life. For example if I asked you to think about what you had to eat at your last meal, you would see it in your mind and be thinking about it. But I would not know what it was unless you told me. The same is true about this. The only time I would need to know is if there were some special thing that you wanted to focus on, then I would need to know to direct the therapy.

QUESTION: Who is least likely to benefit from this therapy?
ANSWER: Divorce Lawyers.

QUESTION: Why did you choose this specialty?
ANSWER: Many of my friends have divorced. The people that suffer the most in a divorce are the children. They lose the Mother Father role model, along with not having a good example to guide them in life. So you can say I do it for the children.

Note: This therapy is also helpful with disarming family conflict between siblings, parents, jealousy, and so on.


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