Smoking Cessation with Hypnotherapy

Well it would appear that you may have what it takes to quit if you made it here, or you were just curious to see what this page has to offer.

Well first off it is not that easy just to call and set up an appointment. Simply put you must be accepted into the program and that is done with a phone interview. If I feel you are not ready to quit I will send you on your way because I donít want you to waste your cigarette money on something you donít really want. So with that tough luck thought in mind read on.

The addiction to nicotine is not hard to break. All the other things actually work like the patches and the gum or whatever. They all work fine on ending the physical addiction to nicotine. Depending on your health and age it takes between 70 and 100 hours for the nicotine to get out of your body. Once the nicotine is gone the physical addiction is gone.

So now you are asking yourself, then why am I falling apart wanting to smoke? You are coming apart at the seams counting the hours and minutes from your last smoke saying to yourself hold on, donít cave in. But finally you just cave and light up. Well that has nothing to do with the physical addiction but everything to do with the mental addiction and unresolved smoking triggers rooted deep in the subconscious mind. The only method that works on the mental addiction and smoking triggers is hypnosis. That is why I also offer programs for people who have stopped smoking by still have the mental addiction.

Typically people say to themselves I am strong enough and I can deal with them. For the smokers that have figured out on their own how to get to their subconscious, they are successful. The smokers that have not..... well you already know that answer. Typically people choose hypnosis as first or last choice and almost never some place between. They have tried everything else and failed and hypnosis is the last resort, or they just want to get it done right the first time.

There are all kinds of smoking programs that employ hypnosis, I only use the best of the best so if I do accept you, please keep that in mind.

The first is the group session and that is the least expensive but also has the lowers success rate. The reason for that is about 60% to 70% of the smoking triggers are common amongst smokers. The other remaining triggers are unique to the smoker and are not covered in a group session. Not everyone sits on the toilet and smokes, and thank goodness for small favors with that one. If a smoker who went to a group session encounters a trigger not covered in the group session, the chances of them caving and lighting up is significant. Also group session donít screen as I do as mentioned at the top of this page.

The upgrade from that is the single session one on one with the hypnotherapist. This is more successful and more expensive than the group session. The problems here are not everything is easily discovered in one session. Some smoking triggers are not discovered and if they are encountered later the chances of caving in goes up.

The next best one is the two session method. Again this has limitations but is at an acceptable level for most people as nearly all of the smoking triggers are dealt with. The short falls are popup habits like changes in eating, or personality changes do not happen until about 10 days in. This is one of the excuses nicotine uses to keep people smoking ĎI will get fat if I quit.í

As a result I do not offer any of the programs listed above because I feel they fall short of what can be offered. I do however offer a comprehensive 4 session program, if you are accepted that is. You will find an outline of that program ahead.

So now you are starting to fight with yourself about this and are not to sure. While you are busy doing that you can look up and see that disgusting smudge on the ceiling where you always sit and smoke thinking that is inside you too and that everyone else can see how nasty it looks too.

So what about sex, and how does that stack up with a smoker?

This is a pure reality check for both male and female smokers so sit up and pay attention. The first thing we as humans do when sizing up a potential lover is how they look. Remember that appearance thing from the first page that nicotine makes you blow off. When we spot someone we are attracted to, we very quickly check them off the list when we see them light up. This is more so now than ever because the pool on non smokers is 4 times bigger than the pool of smokers in most places. Why should people bother with someone who stinks, has bad breath, no respect for themselves along with whatever else smoking has caused.

But it does not stop there, and this is the part people donít think about. If you have every climbed a long flight of stairs, your legs burn and eventually give up. This is because you have used all the oxygen in your leg muscles and you must stop and let you arteries and veins replenish the oxygen in those muscles. Nothing to unusual there, as we know that from experience. We also know smoking robs oxygen from the blood and causes irreversible damage to the blood vessels. Nicotine makes you blow that little fact off too. Well the part of the body that gets all fired up and starts pulsating when we orgasm is a muscle too just like the ones in your legs. The vessels that go there are just as susceptible to that irreversible damage cause by smoking. The end result is smaller and shorter orgasms. So not only does smoking reduce the  pool of potential partners, it also reduces the quality.

When that wonderful little blue pill came out know as Viagra and put men back in the game, a survey was done by doctors. The findings were that about 90% of the men that actually needed Viagra were smokers. The remaining group had other problems not associated with smoking.

Even now nicotine is making you try to ignore this little fact as the battle for control of yourself continues. So here are some wonderful images to help you think about that.


smoking causes impotance

smoking destroys your sex life

smoking is for losers




So now it is time to decide again what to do.

Well this has been wonderful and informational but I am off to find yet another method to try. Click here

I am fed up with myself and I want to quit. Click here      Note There is a Skype option for this.

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