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Question: What is the difference between A Stage Hypnotist, Hypnotist, & Certified Hypnotherapist?
Answer: The Stage Hypnotist is an entertainer. He or she gets people to do entertaining things when they are Hypnotized. A Hypnotist limits him or herself to a few things. For example a Dentist may use hypnosis as a tool with his or her patients. They may not have the wide range of training that a Certified Hypnotherapist does. A Certified Hypnotherapist has been trained in a wide range of applications for the use of Hypnosis for therapy. All have the same ability to hypnotize people, but how they use it is the big difference. ( In any case you should ask how experienced they are in what you want. Some Hypnotists may be fully qualified to do deal with your problem.)

So a Certified Hypnotherapist is the highest level of the 3?
Answer: Only in his or her knowledge of applications. A Certified Hypnotherapist can do Stage Hypnosis if he or she wants. Part of learning to become a Certified Hypnotherapist was to learn and understand Stage Hypnosis and the methods used. Anything other than very specialized applications is part of the training. A Certified Hypnotherapist must meet a certain level of knowledge and skill before they are certified. There are also levels of moral & ethical guidelines they must follow or they risk losing their certification.

Questions: Who Makes the certification standards?
Answer: The National Guild of Hypnotist has established the guidelines for training & certification. Every year Certified Hypnotherapist’s are require to take additional training to maintain their certifications.

Question: How many members belong to the National Guild of Hypnotists?
Answer: Over 7500 at last count. But all are not Certified Hypnotherapists. Some are Stage Hypnotists, and Hypnotists.

Question: How Does Hypnosis work?
Answer: We use about 5% of our brain. When a person is in Hypnosis, the Hypnotist can access the other 95%. With all this added power wonderful things happen. Below are 3 images. The first shows the brain of a subject before being placed in a hypnotic trance. The second shows the same subject in hypnotic trance. The Third shows the subject immediately after exiting the hypnotic trance. you can clearly see that the first and third are very similar, and much more brain activity during Hypnosis shown in the second image.

pre trance brain   in hypnotic trance

post trance

Question: Will I lose control when I am hypnotized?
Answer: No, anything you would not do when not Hypnotized, you won't do when you are Hypnotized. Any hypnotic suggestion that go past that line in your head will be rejected. If getting people to do thing they did not want to do was possible, then every person who know Hypnosis would be best friends with Microsoft's Bill Gates.

Question: What if I don't believe in Hypnosis?
Answer: It doesn't matter if you believe in Hypnosis or not, you still can be Hypnotized. However resisting being Hypnotized is not the same as not being able to be Hypnotized. It's up to you if you want to resist, most Hypnotherapists charge by the hour.

Question: What Can be done with Hypnotherapy to help me?
Answer: Browse this website. If you still have questions, or you can contact me. There are several not listed here only because they may require an additional degree or they just have not made it to this website yet. The best way not to miss anything is go to the Website map page.

Question: What is Hypnosis like?
Answer: It is very subtle. Unless you have been trained in Hypnosis you would never know when you enter trance. If you drive a car, sometimes you forget part of the trip. All of a sudden you relies that you are further along than you last recall, or may have passed your exit. Another example is loosing your keys, and later finding them in a place you have already looked. There is no specific sensation while being hypnotized. The Hypnotist can select a sensation with a suggestion or not. The Hypnotists often lets the subconscious choose what to experience. Most people find it pleasant and relaxing. Still others find it addictive and extremely enjoyable. This is because endorphins (the feel good hormone) are a naturally produced during Hypnosis.

Question: Are there different styles of Hypnosis?
Answer: Yes, there are several. I choose the one best suited for the person and the problem. Unless you have knowledge of Hypnosis, listing them would mean nothing to you. I do not take the one size fits all approach. Every person that comes to see me gets personalized therapy based on their problem. For example for people that want to stop smoking, I have several programs to choose from. I select the best one for that person. And if need be I will develop one for their particular needs. That is why I have so many programs. They started as custom programs, and were later added to my selection.

Question: Is Hypnotherapy the same thing as psychology?
Answer: Hypnotherapy deals with the subconscious mind. All other therapies deal with the conscious mind. Although the end results may be the same, the approach is completely different. A Psychologist and Psychiatrist may only receive about 2 to 4 hours education on hypnosis. Because of that many psychologists don’t understand hypnosis in depth, and they may make negative comments about it. If you take the time to research any negative comments about hypnosis you will find the source is a non qualified person. Even a Doctor who may have impressive credentials is not qualified to make a comment on hypnosis unless his or her credentials include hypnotherapy. Only a person properly trained in hypnosis is qualified to comment on it. In short you can’t describe what it is like to drive sitting in the passengers seat.

Question: How long does the Therapy take?
Answer: It depends on what your Therapy is. 3 to 6 sessions being the average with most being 4 sessions.

Question: Do you have a specialty?
Answer: Yes, it is called Relationship Enhancement. I also deal with sexual issues and pain management. Please go to those pages to find out more.

Do you do Past life Regression?
Answer: No, I view it as a novelty and not Therapy. There are Hypnotist that specialize in this.

Question: How do I choose a good Hypnotherapist?
Answer: Ask the hard questions. How many types of therapy do you do? Do you belong to the National Guild of Hypnotists? Is your certification current? Please understand that the same level of confidentiality applies with a Certified Hypnotherapist as with you Doctor or lawyer. So if any of your questions cross this confidentiality line, don't expect a answer. If you still are not sure you can contact the National Guild of Hypnotists. Because of the new HIPAA laws, I have elected to provide my clients with a written guideline as to how I conduct my practice and control of confidential information. The need to do this is still under debate and legal review. Whatever the outcome, I still feel the practice of providing my clients the knowledge of how their private information is protected is a positive decision.    

Question: Will my insurance cover this?
Answer: This is truly the most loaded question of them all. Several factors must be looked at. First is some insurances will pay, and some will not for the same service. You need to ask them yourself. Second your insurance is more likely to pay if you are referred by a service provider that is covered under your insurance. In example if your Doctor says that this is necessary for you, then the chances are better. But still no guarantee. Other service providers may be Marriage counselors, Psychologists, or Psychiatrists. Again in this case expect the worse, and hope for the best
. Update Summer 2003: Insurance is starting to cover more and more, In particular Fibromyalgia. and IBS. The reason for this is that Hypnotherapy is very effective for Fibromyalgia, and it costs them a lot less than the endless bleeding of their wallet for pain medications. This is a very good thing in more ways than one. First it shows that Hypnotherapy is becoming more and more accepted as a valid and beneficial treatment, and it opens doors for people who otherwise could not afford the therapy. It would seem Hypnotherapy is about 5 to 10 years behind Chiropractic treatments. 5 to 10 years ago they were not covered by insurance.

Question: How are you paid?
Answer: You pay me at the time of service. You will be provided with a bill showing the services provided. It is up to you to submit the bill. The reason for this is service providers that deal with insurance companies, most likely have someone on staff full time just to deal with them
. Keep in mind insurance companies are in business to make money. So if they can find ways to deny your claim they will. Rest assured they have people on staff who look for ways to avoid paying.

Question: Do you provide tapes or CDs?
Answer: Yes. For clients I provide the option of purchasing a custom CD based on their therapy with me. As of July 2003 I have started to market custom & Generic CDs to people who have not seen me. To find out more on what CDs I offer click here.
Note: For the moment this service is suspended.

Question: What are your qualifications?
Answer: My Bio

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