Hypnotherapy for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a fairly common problem that can lead to stress on a relationship. There are several options available to men including hypnotherapy.

When dealing with premature ejaculation one must first understand that the primary sex organ is the human brain. The brain controls all functions related to the male sexual response from visual arousal to heightening physical sensitivity of the entire body not only the male genitals.

Emotions also play a roll in premature ejaculation. This is looked at and evaluated to see how much of the problem is related to emotions. If there was a sudden onset of premature ejaculation, then the likelihood is higher emotions are playing a significant roll.

In some cases men that were brought up in an environment with the teaching sex was somehow wrong or dirty can contribute to premature ejaculation because when having sex the feel they are tasting the forbidden fruit and it becomes that much more exciting. This is more common where religion was a strong influence. Removing the suggestions that sex is wrong or dirty would be part of the therapy in this type of case.

Modification in sexual behavior is also looked as to see if it contributes to the problem along with seeing if the partners libidos are matched.

Using hypnotherapy for premature ejaculation allows control of the rate of arousal that can lead to prolonged intercourse. With proper practice using self hypnosis the duration of intercourse can be unlimited and not just adding a few minutes.

Whatever the reason is for premature ejaculation, each person is evaluated for their specific cause and the hypnotherapy is tailored for that person.


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