A recent personal experience controlling pain with Self Hypnosis

In a recent personal experience, Self Hypnosis for pain control was more effective than morphine. I had elective surgery and asked the surgeon if I could watch. First he looked at me as if I was nuts, then he saw I was serious. He informed me that with all the other less than pleasant things like having a breathing tube down my throat it was best I sleep during surgery. So on this note I accepted that sleep was the way to go. After the surgery I woke up in the recovery room needless to say groggy. I asked the nurse if there was any problems what I should be aware of. She said that everything went fine and I was in surgery for a little over 2 hours.

I told her that I was a little uncomfortable and she said that she would be back shortly to see what she could do. What I should of said was can you adjust the bed some. What happened next was unexpected, when she returned she gave me a shot of morphine thinking I was complaining of pain. After that I asked her not to give me any more pain medications. She said that I would be in considerable pain without them. I told her it would not be a problem because I would use Self Hypnosis to control the pain. Again she asked are you sure. I told her not to worry.

After about 5 or 6 hours the morphine started to wear off. When I tried to put myself in trance I found that I could not. It seemed that there was still enough morphine in me to keep me from achieving trance. After about 4 or 5 hours of growing pain the morphine level in my body dropped low enough to achieve trance. In a matter of about 5 seconds the pain went from considerable to nothing. The level of pain control was actually stronger than the morphine. And the last time I checked morphine falls in the heavy duty pain control category. (not all pain medications have the same effect on the ability to achieve trance)

I stayed in the hospital for another day and went home. All the pain control scripts that the surgeon provided were never used. Understanding the power of Hypnosis and the ability to tap the unused part of the brain in truly amazing.

The method of Self Hypnosis that I used on myself is the same method I teach my clients. The same ability is there for any pain control.  Back to referring page.
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