Getting ready for your first session

Well while you are waiting for your first appointment you can fully expect a battle to rage inside you and there will be a huge urge not to show up. You mind will be running with nicotine driven thoughts like ĎIf this does not work I will have wasted all that money perhaps I should just keep smokingí, or the ever popular ĎI will get fat if I quití. Rest assured you are not alone in this battle for control of yourself. Nicotine is an addictive drug just like Heroin and as Heroin drives the junkies to do things they regret later and so does Nicotine everyday you are addicted.

The addiction to Nicotine is very powerful. In fact it is so powerful that only 60% of the people actually show up for their first appointment. This percentage is typical for any type of smoking cessation program hypnosis or not. If there is a financial incentive to quit smoking, people are more motivated to finish the program. Former smokers will eventually get their money back. People that choose to continue to smoke will have just wasted all that money.

If you are a smoker, the nicotine will find any excuse no matter how absurd it is not to quit. If you don't agree with the method, or are joking about it, the nicotine is controlling you. Take a good look around you, people are watching you.

If you understand and agree with the method then you are in control.

If you are a smoker, how does it feel to be on control of your life only 60% of the time?
What's your excuse that this is acceptable?

If a Smoking client is more than 15 minutes late for their first appointment I will call them asking them where they are.
Here are some excuses I have heard. You may laugh but they are actually true. All of them never showed even when rescheduled.

I had to do my nails. (Priorities?)

I thought it was tomorrow. (I always text, E-mail, or call the day before to confirm their appointment.)

My mother is sick. (Her mother lives over 10 hours away with her father.)

My dog made a mess on the carpet. (That should take 5 minutes to clean. What did he eat?)

I got lost. (He lived 2 blocks away from my office.)

My car had a flat tire. (I rescheduled 2 times and he still did not show up.)

This message was on my answering machine.
 "My boss called and I have to go in early today." (I called 3 hours later to leave a message to reschedule, he was at home.)

I was up coughing all night and I did not get a goods night sleep. (I wonder why?)

My bird is sick. (Yes smoke can make your bird sick too.)

My son is sick. (Her son was 35 years old at the time and married.)

I had another appointment I forgot about. (Lunch with a friend.)

There was a sale at the store. (I actually saw her pull in then out of my parking lot.)

I am too busy to make time. (This is the most common excuse.)

I broke my nail. (So?)

I did not have a new dress for my appointment. (No comment!)

I knew I would be 5 minutes late so I did not even bother going. (This took guts to say.)


After people have started the program, the most common thing I hear is it was much easer than expected and wondered why they did not do this first. The answer is simple, Hypnotherapy and Stage hypnosis are not the same. Many people have a misconception about hypnotherapy and that misconception kept them away.

Just to be fair we should let nicotine have a few words in it's defense.

Hi I'm Nicotine, and I want to change your life. Hangout with me and people will notice you in ways you never imagined.

First off I will set you apart from everyone else so people will want see you from a distance and not up close.

I will make it easy for you to identify what clothes you have worn and what clothes are washed with your eyes closed.

I will also help you to modify your logic so as others will be completely astonished at your level of wisdom and how you can justify spending time with me.

I will help you feel invincible and that bad health only happens to other people.

I will also get you to go outside and enjoy all the different types weather all year round.

I will make you travel great distances just to get me at a good price.

I will be on your mind constantly and everything you do revolves around getting to spend time with me. I come before family and friends.

People will be able to Identify you are near them even if they donít see you. They will show this by wrinkling their nose and then turn to look at you from head to toe a few times.

I can help you show your boss you prefer to go outside and smoke and not do your job. That will be very important when it comes time for pay raises.

I can help you get a special insurance premium.

I can help you decide to go outside of entertainment venues and hangout with me and let others enjoy the show. You donít need that nonsense entertainment anyway when you have me!

I can make it easy for you to spot the new magazines in your doctorís waiting room.

I can help you navigate inside hospitals without the need to read the signs because of your frequent visits you will know the way.

Let me change your life.



OK are you ready to take control and quit?



What's your excuse?

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