What is the mental addiction to smoking?
And why is it important to break it

Lets face simple facts.
When a person quits smoking it takes between 70 and 100 hours to get the nicotine out of your body. it does not matter if you use the patch, or gum or your uncle's magic elixir, they all work!
The thing that makes them light up again is the mental addiction. 

Other methods to stop smoking are successful, and for some people they work fine. However Hypnotherapy is the only method that breaks the mental addiction.

It is true that some people have it in themselves to break this powerful addiction, and others do not.

How can you tell if you still have the mental addiction? It's very simple to tell.....

Are you keeping track of how long it has been from the time you last smoked? If your answer is yes then you have it.
(can answer it easy in under 15 seconds)

If you had to sit down and think about it, then the answer is no.

Why is it important to break the mental addiction?

Very simply sooner or later you will start again. And all it takes is just 1 drag to get hooked all over again.


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