Overview of typical hypnotherapy

Prior to someone seeing me I email intake sheets to them. On the sheets there are questions specific to why they want to see me. This allows them to answer the questions in the comfort of their own home without being rushed. This provides more accurate and detailed information.

When they arrive for their first appointment I review the intake sheets and ask addition questions about the issue at hand. This provided roughly 90% of what needs to be known in most cases.

After establishing the facts of the situation, I answer any questions they may have about hypnosis and dispel any myths that may have about hypnosis. I explain that the first session is like a shotgun covering a broad area. The additional sessions are like a sniper rifle targeting what the shotgun missed.

Next some simple testing is done to evaluate their response to suggestions and establish what method is best to place them in a hypnotic trance. This also is useful for establishing the best way to teach them self hypnosis.

If it is appropriate (most cases it is) I teach self hypnosis. This allows them to create their own hypnotic suggestions and deal with this or other issues that may happen in the future.

For a person that has never been hypnotized by a hypnotherapist there is a certain amount of anxiety. Once they discover how pleasant being hypnotized is, things begin to move forward quickly starting with the second session. Because of the anxiety of a first time experience, the first session is not a fruitful as the second and others.

During the second and subsequence sessions changes are identified and discussed. Difficult areas are identified and focused on. This in most cases tied to the 10% unknown from the first session. This process is repeated until the desired changes are achieved.


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