HypnoSculpting is just what it sounds like, Changing your body with Hypnosis. The way this works is very simple. Our subconscious mind can effect where our blood flows. As an example when we become sexually aroused, blood flows to certain parts of our body such as our pelvic area. We don't just say.. "Okay blood go to my pelvic area". What happens is the suggestion of being intimate causes the blood to redirect. When our blood flow is concentrated in parts of our body certain things happen. First the saying "Robbing from Peter to pay Paul" comes to mind. If the majority of blood is concentrated in parts of our body, then sculpting occurs. That part of the body heats up, and the fat in that area gets consumed more quickly. Other parts of the body cool slightly and the consumption of fat is slowed. I teach my weight loss clients Self Hypnosis. When they have mastered self Hypnosis, I can then bring them back to learn how to do HypnoSculpting.

Other examples of HypnoSculpting is breast enlargement, and most recently penis enlargement. Breast enlargement follows the same basic fact. If the breasts are full of blood, they will stretch. From the information I have reviewed the typical results are from 0.5 to 2.0 on the bust, and up to 1 cup size change. As with any changes in the body the results are gradual over a period of several weeks. For breast enlargement, changes should be apparent after 12 weeks. This is a good therapy for women who have had children, and want to recover from the deflated look, or women who want a little more but don't want to have surgery.

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