Erectile Dysfunction

How Hypnotherapy works with Erectile Dysfunction

Trying to explain how Hypnotherapy works with Erectile Dysfunction “ED” in a technical way only would confuse some. Putting it in a way that is easy to understand by all is the best way I have found.

As we are all part of nature, we all react and interact with everything around us. Nature has provided a sort of “on and off” switch when it comes to reproduction. When we are under stress and anxiety, certain hormones are produced in our body. The hormones related to stress and anxiety are not the ones relate to sexual activity. When our environment is overloaded with stress and anxiety, sex is often the last thing on our minds. Even for women when there is too much stress and anxiety their menstrual cycle is put on hold. This is natures way of saying that conditions are not suitable for reproduction.

Think of the stress and anxiety related hormones as water. Think of the hormones related to sexual activity as fire. As we all know how water works on fire, it becomes easy to understand why the anxiety and lack of self confidence of being able to get an erection tends to work against the erection. So simply our state of mind is a major player in how well we perform sexually. This is supported by several medical journals on the topic on what causes neurochemical changes. As an example adrenaline tends to be the opposite of endorphins.

Stress and anxiety related to ED can come from many sources. Some common ones are a over demanding lover, or perhaps something negative or sarcastic was said. Anticipation that the erection will not occur (negative self suggestion) tends to cause the effect. Stress and anxiety related to work or other issues outside the bedroom like money, health, workplace stress, or family concerns tend to contribute to the problem. Even side effects of medication for Hypertension can contribute.

Other things that significantly contributes to ED is smoking. Hypnotherapy can do little for more permanent damage cause by smoking. Smoking hardens and clogs the arteries and does not let the blood flow where it is needed. Viagra and other such medications help and are actually only designed for physical damage.

Working with a client for sexual dysfunction starts off with some questionnaires sent by mailed or e-mail to them. The questionnaires ask about when the problem started, what changes were going on in their life at the time and so on. The questionnaires are answered in the comfort of their own home and brought to their first appointment. The answers often disclose a variety of things that all contribute to the problem. Once the problems are identified, they are addressed one by one. Results are often seen in the first week, and continued improvement during the therapy.


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