Getting over a relationship with Hypnotherapy

Getting over a relationship is a painful process to say the least. Particularly if you are not the one who is ending it. You feel a whole lot of hurt. As we know time heals all. For some people getting over things is easy, and for others it is hard. Reducing the time it takes to emotionally recover is beneficial. With Hypnotherapy you can reduce the amount of time it takes. How much it is reduced depends on you. Do you still cling to a relationship with wishful thinking, and deep down inside you know it is hopeless. But still you feel that some how or some way that person will come back. You feel that it was your fault that the relationship ended. Getting over this and other thinking is one of the ways Hypnotherapy can help. The moment you can do this, is when you will start to get your life back. Other examples include.....

*  Getting over a death.
*  Moving away.
*  Loss of a pet.
*  Seeing your children move out on their own.
*  Coping with Alzheimer's.

One of the more common relationship issues is being under the negative influences of a present or ex-partner. Perhaps they are trying to control you by fear of a negative consequence if you do not submit to their will. Often this can lead to mental health problems. This can be overcome with Hypnotherapy much more quickly than any other method. Do not let fear of your ex-partner control your life, it is your life and you are entitled to enjoy it. In various eastern cultures the female partner must submit to the will of the male partner. This however does not extend to disrespecting the female partner. If you feel that your partner has been disrespecting you and you feel your mental health may suffer as a result, please consider contacting me for therapy. Consultations are free and 100% confidential. Because of the mental health nature of this type of situation, this is one of a few types of consultation I will do in person for free and you are always welcome to bring a friend along.

If you think you may have been suffering too long, or you need some extra inner strength to deal with a ongoing illness.
I also provide Hypnotherapy for helping you get off antidepressant medication if you no longer need them.

Please contact me for your free confidential phone consultation.

Too far away? Consider using Skype for this form of hypnotherapy.

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