Ending Eating Disorders with Hypnotherapy

Eating disorders. We know about them, and perhaps we even know of someone who has it. For what ever reason their eating habits are causing health problems. I have had several clients who have spent months on end going to talk therapy with little or no results. Then they decided to try Hypnotherapy.

Eating disorders are simply eating too much or too little and may or may not involve purging after. binge eating is also a form of eating disorder. In most cases the reason is rooted in the subconscious mind and all it takes is helping the subconscious sort out what to do. Causes can be related to stress, anxiety, self esteem as well as depression.

In one example a client was seeking help with talk therapy for about 5 months and only put on about 2 pounds (1kg). In the first 3 weeks of seeing me for Hypnotherapy, they put on 12 pounds (5.5kg).

In all cases my clients had significant and fast results. Then making the changes permanent is the second part of the therapy. If you or you know someone who has a eating disorder and are interested in fast results, Contact me for your free confidential phone consultation.

Too far away? Consider using Skype for this form of hypnotherapy.

To see an overview of how this therapy is most typically conducted click here.

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