Dental Hypnotherapy

Some people simply can't take pain controlling medications. Other think that no matter how experience the person working in their mouth there will be some pain or discomfort. Even the routine cleaning can be stressful. Just seeing those wonderful hooks, and picks sitting there can bring back some less than pleasant memories of visits past. Now imagine if you would your mouth being totally numb as if Novocain was used. Imagine that it could be this way for the routine cleaning's. Imagine that you could control  how numb your mouth could be so you could crank it up if you needed. Suddenly all those hooks, and picks don't look so menacing. Imagine that after you were done you could return normal feeling to your mouth instantly so drooling is not a issue after you level the office.

Because pain is all in the mind, Hypnosis can easily override pain signals in your mouth. If learning how to do this interests you, please contact me for your free confidential phone consultation.

To Dentists: The method I find that works best is have your patient come to me for 1 or 2 sessions. After they have seen me they will come to you for their procedure. I will provide you with a MP3 recording for your patient to listen to while you perform your procedure. Other services include training you and your staff on "The do's and the Don'ts about working with a patient who is using Hypnosis".


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