Anxiety Management with Hypnotherapy 

Anxiety and stress are two different things. Anxiety is future tense, and stress is present tense. Stress is you boss has given you too much to do and to little time to do it in. Anxiety is you hope he does not give you any more. People who have anxiety often have very active imaginations and tend to let it get the best of them. Often things that people are anxious about never materialize. Anxiety contributes to premature aging and can have negative effects on health including hypertension. Managing anxiety with Hypnosis is very easy. Getting new mental tools to manage your anxiety and the confidence to use those tools is part of the therapy. In many cases people who have anxiety have experienced events in their past that has set the stage to expect the worse. Unlike stress anxiety is based on a perception and the anticipation of negative events. In sever cases it can cause panic attacks. OCD is linked to anxiety. Anxiety of negative sexual self expectations have been known to lower testosterone levels in men contributing to sexual dysfunction. Looking at the cause for each person is part of Hypnotherapy. Learning how to recognize when overactive imagination is at work and learning how to control it is the major part of this Hypnotherapy. A similar approach is used for surgery preparation. If you or someone you know has anxiety or  panic attacks, feel free to contact me for a free confidential phone consultation.

To see an overview of how this therapy is most typically conducted click here.

Too far away? Consider using Skype for this form of hypnotherapy.

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