Pre Surgery Anxiety Management with Hypnosis 


The anxiety some people have before surgery or other medical procedure only complicate things. Even low levels of anxiety have negative effects. Although you may think is is minor and the Doctors will just give you a little extra medications to relax you more, that is essentially one of the problems. Simply put the more medications in your body the greater the chance of complications. Doctors can only give you so much before they must make the call that anymore will be giving you an overdose. Some people are so anxious that they can fight off any amount of medication. As a result the surgery or procedure may need to be canceled until the persons anxiety is under control. By selecting Hypnotherapy as a means to reduce or eliminate anxiety before your procedure, complications are less and recovery time is shorter. There are no side effects to Hypnosis. One of the benefits to this Hypnotherapy is your blood pressure will be lower. This is helpful when controlling unavoidable bleeding during surgery, and to your health as a whole. Ask your Doctor if you have any questions about the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy before surgery. Doctors who have seen it work will tell you it is like night and day. Medical Hypnosis is becoming more and more mainstream. If you are planning surgery and want to reduce the chance of complications and reduce recovery time please contact  me to discuss your situation. Confidential phone consultation is free.

Too far away? Consider using Skype for this form of hypnotherapy.

published papers:

The Mind Prepared: Hypnosis in Surgery: David Spiegel August 28, 2007


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