Alzheimer's & Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for the Alzheimer patient
Hypnotherapy for the Alzheimer care giver

Hypnotherapy has been helpful in helping both the Alzheimer's patient, their care givers. Often people don't think of Hypnotherapy as a way that can help. But if you think about the vast power of the mind that can be accessed with Hypnotherapy, you can understand the potential benefits. I offer this focused Alzheimer's Hypnotherapy in Thailand.

For the Patient

Alzheimer's is a slow and painful process of watching a loved one gradually slip away. It is well know that the more active the mind is of the person with Alzheimer's the slower the progress of Alzheimer's. Hypnotherapy in the early stages can be effective in slowing the progress. The suggestions given are to encourage keeping the mind active. The motivation to do this becomes very strong by wanting to do things that are fun and exciting. Hypnosis can make them even more fun and exciting thus the desire to do this becomes stronger. This therapy is not meant to replace any other therapy, but to become a supplement to slow the progress. There are also techniques in Hypnotherapy to improve memory that can be applied. Hypnotherapy for the more advanced stages of Alzheimer's as far as I know has not been explored yet.

For the care giver

The effects on a person(s) taking care of a loved one who has Alzheimer's can be seen in increases stress and anxiety. It also has the undesirable effect to cause premature aging of the care giver's.

Hypnotherapy is effective in allowing the care giver to find inner strength by tapping the unused resources of the mind. Because we only use about 5% of our brain, the emotions can and often are too overwhelming. When the care giver can learn to access parts of the brain that are not normally accessed the intensity of the stress and anxiety can be greatly reduced. This has a positive effect and allows the care giver to better cope and thus lets the rapid aging slow to a more normal pace if not completely go back to normal.

There is even Hypnotherapy to help care givers get off antidepressant medications if they choose. For more information feel free to contact me for your free confidential phone consultation.

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