Hypnotherapy at a cellular level

The human mind has the ability to affect change at the cellular level. The changes observed are the result of collective cell stimulation. The mind can select a specific group of cells and ignore others. All that is required is the proper suggestions to achieve this. The need to be in a hypnotic state is not required.

Example 1: If you are traveling down a road and suddenly you encounter the smell a food that you particularly enjoy, your mouth will start to salivate in anticipation of the food. If the desire is strong enough you will stop and indulge. If you don't stop then once you pass out of the range the desire will pass. This is not hypnosis however it does reflect that the suggestion of eating that food will cause a physical reaction that starts at the subconscious level.

Example 2: Sexual arousal can start with the suggestion of impending sexual activity and/or for some observing sexual activity of others as in pornography. Without physical sexual stimulation the body prepares for sex. Males will start to have an erection. Females will start to secrete vaginal lubrication and experience vaginal lengthening. The process of physical sexual arousal will continue until the suggestion is removed.

Example 3: The sound of a crying baby will cause nursing mothers to lactate even if it is not their baby.

By identifying specific hypnotic suggestions the body will respond accordingly. In short giving proper hypnotic suggestions the body will produce or do what it needs to combat illness or start physical changes. An example may be slowing or stopping the blood flow to a tumor causing changes in the tumor. This essentially is no different than the suggestion that would cause males to get an erection by redirecting blood to the penis. Knowing what suggestion is the key.

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